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Which criminal defense strategy is best for you?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When facing criminal charges, suspects have a range of defense strategies from which they may pick. The tactic that has the best odds of working for you depends on the circumstances of your case.

Wise defendants approach this choice having a complete understanding of every option and so should you.

Alibi defense

One common defense is that the accused was elsewhere during the alleged crime. Effectively making this argument requires concrete evidence, such as documents or electronic records.

Mistaken identity

Another defense suggests that the accuser is confusing the defendant with someone else. Such a strategy often involves collecting witness statements or scrutinizing surveillance footage to cast doubt on the accuracy of the identification.


Individuals may claim self-protection when charged with a crime involving physical harm. This justification asserts that the person on trial acted out of necessity to protect against imminent danger.

Insanity defense

In situations where mental health plays a role, the insanity defense can be reasonable. This position contends that the accused cannot understand the nature or wrongfulness of the acts in question due to a mental disorder. However, this tactic is exceptionally rare, with only 1% of criminal proceedings employing this stance.

Entrapment defense

A defendant may also assert that his or her conduct is due to coercion or inducement on behalf of law enforcement. To prove entrapment, you must demonstrate that the idea and encouragement to commit the alleged crime originates from the authorities.

Review the full array of criminal defense strategies before settling on one. Select carefully since your freedom could hinge on this delicate decision.