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Unpaid child support and your Indiana license

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Family Law

If you have concerns about your ability to pay child support, you should understand the potential consequences that you could face if you fall behind. From intercepted tax refunds and passport denial to the withholding of your bank assets and vehicle liens, serious penalties can arise. Furthermore, you could face the suspension of your license.

These penalties highlight the importance of reviewing strategies to avoid missing payments, such as child support modification.

License suspension resulting from back child support

The Indiana Department of Child Services goes over some of the different penalties that you could struggle with for failing to pay child support, such as license suspension. Aside from losing your driver’s license, DCS reports that the state could suspend your professional license, fishing license or hunting license if you owe back child support.

The loss of your license(s) could negatively impact many aspects of your life. The inability to drive as well as the loss of a professional license could negatively affect your job and income, which could make it even harder to pay child support. If you enjoy fishing or hunting, the loss of these licenses could also prove devastating.

Paying child support to avoid license suspension

If you have a hard time making child support payments, you should do everything in your power to stay current or get caught up if you have fallen behind. For example, establishing a payment plan and eliminating other expenses could help ensure that you pay the support you owe.

In order to avoid serious penalties such as license suspension, you might benefit from modifying your child support order, an option that could become available after losing your job or experiencing other types of significant financial changes.