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First-time offenders face consequences in OWI convictions

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense

After an OWI arrest, you may wonder what comes next. In Indiana, the consequences for an OWI conviction depend upon various circumstances, including your history and your level of intoxication.

First-time offenses often result in less severe penalties in OWI cases.

Suspended driver’s license

If you fail a breath or blood test during an arrest for an OWI, the state of Indiana can immediately suspend your driver’s license for 180 days. You can also have a suspended license for up to a year if you refuse testing. If your arrest does not result in a conviction for an OWI, you can have your driver’s license restored.

In addition, people with OWI charges in Indiana must attend a victim impact program that educates offenders about the effects of driving under the influence.

Fines and criminal penalties

For a first-time offender, an OWI conviction can result in fines and possible jail time. In addition to court fees, you may have to pay a $500 fine and serve up to 60 days in jail. You could also receive probation time as part of your sentence. If your driving was dangerous to others, you might face a $5000 fine and a longer jail sentence. Finally, there could be additional penalties if a minor passenger was in the vehicle with you.

Although these consequences are strict, repeat offenders can experience more severe punishments, including fines up to $10,000, longer terms in jail and extended driver’s license suspensions.

Driving under the influence is a serious offense. If you have an arrest for an OWI, you should understand the potential consequence you face.