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What are the benefits associated with joint custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Family Law

Joint custody has long since offered a good option for parents going through divorce. Those who still want to give the support of a two-parent household to their child reap the benefits associated with joint custody every year.

But what are these benefits, exactly? How do they positively impact children of divorce, as seen in studies?

Two-parent support systems

Shared or joint custody involves both parents holding legal custody over their children. In some cases, this can include joint physical custody, meaning both parents share or split the time spent with the children as well. This is not as common though, usually due to the fact that parents no longer live together after a split.

What do studies show?

Studies speculate that having the support of a two-parent household can help in numerous ways. First, children have fewer changes to adjust to. They also have the financial support of both parents, as well as the emotional support and presence of both.

Many studies reflect the positive impact of joint custody. Some point out that these children have lower rates of depression and anxiety in the aftermath of the divorce. Others highlight the fact that these children have higher rates of healthy coping mechanisms.

Of course, sole custody fits some situations better than others, such as when one parent faces accusations of abuse, mistreatment or neglect of their spouse or child. But if parents could feasibly make joint custody work, it is a good option to consider. The benefits it may offer a child could last well beyond childhood.