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How a DUI conviction affects your mental health

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Criminal Defense

If law enforcement has never arrested and charged you with a criminal violation before your DUI, then you likely do not know what to expect during the process.

A DUI is serious, and if you do not learn to deal with it in a healthy way, you may begin to suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. In many ways, the mental stress that comes with a criminal conviction is worse than the handcuffs.

Legal worries

If your first time facing a judge in court is to defend your drunk driving charges, it can be extremely intimidating. You may worry about the pending consequences of your actions, such as:

  • Losing driving privileges
  • Spending time in jail
  • Attending mandatory treatment

Financial stress

A DUI conviction is costly. You must pay attorney and court costs, and the judge may impose fines as part of your penalty. You may lose your job and struggle to find new employment. Additionally, with a conviction on your record, your vehicle insurance rates may increase significantly.

Loss of independence

Not having to rely on others for your daily survival is important to independent adults. However, if you lose your driver’s license due to a DUI, then you may need to secure transportation to and from anywhere you need to go. This means asking for help and altering your lifestyle to revolve around public transportation schedules.

The stress of dealing with your legal troubles can lead you into a dangerous spiral, especially if you use alcohol or substances as coping tools. It is important to address your mental and emotional health as you pass through this difficult phase.