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What are the hardest things about divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2022 | Family Law

Not only is divorce itself hard, but trying to identify the parts that are most difficult is also challenging. According to Psychology Today, the reason is that your divorce is unique from anyone else’s, and everyone experiences it in an individual way.

Even if you are the one seeking the split, divorce is still difficult. Knowing about the challenges, and assuring yourself that you can eventually overcome them, may help.

Experiencing loneliness

Divorce is a situation in which you could literally lose your best friend. You may find that you no longer see some of the other members of your social circle because they have chosen sides. Whatever the parenting time arrangement, you end up spending less time with your kids than you would otherwise. Readjusting to being single can take a long time.

Worrying about the children

If you and your spouse are parents, you likely worry about how you are going to tell your children about the divorce and what effect it will have on them. It may help to know that while their parents’ split can cause short-term pain, most children recover fully and adjust to the new normal. Parents like you often wonder whether they should stay together for the sake of the children, but prolonged conflict is more harmful in the long run.

Making the decision

In some cases, the first step you take toward divorce is actually the hardest. People around you may assume that, because you made the decision and this is what you want, you do not struggle or feel bad about it. In fact, most people who make the decision to divorce experience emotions such as guilt and fear.

While splitting up can be difficult and painful, staying in an unsustainable situation is often more so. Divorce gives you the opportunity to heal and start over.