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How do you co-parent when your ex-spouse lives far away?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Family Law

Not every divorced couple has the ability to stay in close proximity of one another after a split. In fact, many do not want this, either. While some may stay together because of their children, others have no choice but to move away.

In these situations, how do parents handle co-parenting? Is it even possible for a parent who lives far away from their kids to have a healthy and established ongoing relationship with them?

Making long distance work

The good news? Yes, it is. Parents Magazine delves into stories of other co-parents who have made long distance parenting work. Technology lies at the heart of these long distance parenting situations, as they provide parents with the chance to see and communicate with their children at any time, no matter how far away they may physically be.

These days, all forms of technological communication have a place in supporting a co-parent’s relationship with their child. Experiment with what forms of communication work best. Some children may prefer texting, while others might like phone calls better. Some may like video chats while others may not. It is important to meet a child where they feel comfortable, as this can help them open up.

The comfort of technology

Fortunately, since children these days grow up with exposure to technology previously unknown, they often can connect deeply with others through technological means. This means that many parents who have to spend time with their children virtually find that it does not affect the way their child perceives them or the closeness of their relationship.

This is great news for anyone who must rely on technology in either the short or long term in order to keep in touch with their kids.