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Is this a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Firm News

Getting involved in a serious accident can often lead to head trauma, like the neck, back and head serve as the most vulnerable points on the human body. Unfortunately, head trauma often involves traumatic brain injury, as well.

This type of injury – TBI for short – can have many negative repercussions on a victim’s life. Thus, it is important to identify them quickly in order to get immediate treatment.

Neurological and physical symptoms

Mayo Clinic discusses traumatic brain injuries and how they manifest in victims. First, a victim might experience neurological symptoms. This often includes confusion, agitation, aggression and an inability to recognize one’s surroundings or the people there.

Memory issues may also occur, resulting in a victim forgetting where they are or what happened in the moments leading to the incident. They may forget even farther back than that, such as forgetting what year it is or what state they live in. In most cases, these issues will clear up with time.

These often go hand-in-hand with physical symptoms, such as piercing headaches or repeated vomiting and nausea. The headaches often worsen with time or will not go away and can indicate swelling or bleeding inside of the skull.

Changes to behavior

Victims might also experience behavioral changes tied to the neurological damage. Many experience aggression as mentioned above, which can manifest in lashing out at those around them. This sudden anger is often one of the most difficult parts for loved ones when dealing with someone with a TBI.

Noticing any of these symptoms should result in immediate action taken to get medical help, which can alter the potential long-term ramifications of a TBI.