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Indianapolis aims budget at reducing gun crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Current data encourages the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to believe that further crackdowns on illegal firearm possession help reduce overall gun crime. As Indianapolis secures its budget for 2022, advocates recommend further support to the IMPD and the Indiana Crime Gun Task Force.

Knowing what this all means for gun owners may help anyone facing an illegal firearm charge through the process of defending themselves.

Gun recovery on the rise

Authorities, according to WISH-TV 8, nonfatal shootings increased 65% over the last year. Due to a crime crackdown, the number of nonfatal shootings is only up by 29%.

During the previous year, the IMPD recovered over 3,700 guns and aim to make a 20% increase in those numbers. A particular effort in this pursuit is by cooperating with the recently formed Indiana Crime Gun Task Force. This task force is an interstate and intercounty initiative to track down trafficked guns used in violent crimes.

Illegal guns in Indiana

Indiana has no waiting period nor does it require gun purchasers or owners to get a license. But Indiana law still bars citizens from owning the following:

  • Armor-piercing handgun ammunition
  • Sawed-off shotguns
  • Machine guns (without a license)

Trafficked firearms, like the ones the Indiana Crime Gun Task Force, are firearms that people sell through local, state and federal loopholes. Possession of them, knowingly or not, may or may not be illegal depending on the situation involving the tracked crime gun.

Beyond that, the state bars many people convicted of serious violent felonies or substance abuse from possessing firearms. Defending against any of these criminal charges may be the only way to maintain the right to possess any firearms.