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The importance of Miranda rights

Though many people have a passing familiarity with their Miranda rights, very few actually know what they protect and why it is important to rely on them where possible. What purpose do these rights serve, and is it true that only the guilty will invoke them? What do...

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Can divorce affect your credit?

Divorce can impact your life in a number of ways. When it comes to financial issues, many people worry about the impact divorce can have on their credit. Given the nature of credit scores and reporting, some of these effects are unavoidable. However, there are steps...

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What do frontal lobe injuries manifest as?

When taking a blow to the front or back of the head, you risk injuring the frontal lobe area. This area controls many crucial functions of the brain and body, resulting in a difficult recovery process. It is thus important to understand the sort of impacts that this...

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What is probable cause?

Under the Constitution, the police must take specific steps when conducting an investigation. If any of these gets overlooked or ignored, your criminal charge may wind up discharged before it even moves forward. One of the most crucial elements of an investigation is...

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